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  • Sensor: Plug-in electrochemical cell (temperature compensated)
  • Alarms: Visual: Flashing wide-angled alarm lens with 4 red LEDs, plus alarm LCD readout;
  • Audible: Pulsing, high output siren, 95dB at 10” (0.25m);
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  • Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN): Measuring Range: 0-30.0 ppm, TWA Alarm: 4.7 ppm, STEL Alarm: 10.0 ppm, Low Alarm: 4.7 ppm :High Alarm: 10.0 ppm
  • Continuous LCD shows real-time gas concentration with backlight in low light (auto and on demand) and in alarm (auto)
  • Peak value displayed on command (in ppm or % vol.)
  • Low, High, TWA and STEL alarms with adjustable setpoints
  • Internal vibrator alarm
  • Provides 95 dB tone and bright LED indication on alarm
  • Full-function self-test of sensor, battery and circuitry integrity
  • Plug-in replaceable sensor
  • Simple auto-zero and calibration procedure
  • Classified intrinsically safe by UL to US and Canadian stan-dards; ATEX certified
  • Highly water-resistant with an IP-66/67 fully immersible design
  • EMI/RFI resistant housing
  • Built-in concussion-proof boot
  • Replaceable 3V camera battery provides up to 2 years of continuous operation
  • Comes complete with stainless steel alligator clip, test cap and hose, battery and instructions
  • Sampling rate is factory set at 5-second intervals or user settable from 1- to 60-second intervals
  • Storage capacity is over 1 month of data at 5-second intervals